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Featured works

A sample of my project work

As an Illustrator, it gives me great pleasure to express myself by sketching my ideas on paper then bringing these to life. Below you’ll find a few of the projects I’ve worked on. If you’d like to find out more about my work and what I can do for you,

feel free to get in touch!

Here is an octopus I drew a year ago. It

Logo Design

Accueil à La Carte, 2020

I was commissioned to redesign a logo for a French company based in Rouen. 

Accueil à La Carte has a long experience in the field of hospitality and tourism and organises successful stays in France for tourists, groups of students, and individuals. 
The idea was to illustrate the fact that the service is completely tailored to the clients, with lots of options to suit all their requirements. The design represents the joy of holidays in the sun, while the handwritten text mirrors the personalised nature of the service.

Logo Couleurs 1_edited.jpg

Book Cover

Affres Secondaires, 2019

I was commissioned to design a book cover for this crime novel. The story tells of a school environment and relationships between teachers, but where things get out of hand.

The idea was to illustrate the darkness of the main character as he plots against his colleague...  His back is turned to us, so we can't really see what he is doing: is he just marking essays, preparing his lessons, or planning something more sinister?

Affres Secondaires, Gio Barda chez Les Éditions Persées

Workshop Cave paintings

Activity for a museum, 2019

I organised a day workshop for Nottingham Lakeside Museum. The idea was to create an activity for children and their families. People could pop in and take part without booking.
I wanted participants to express themselves with different techniques, such as charcoal, chalk, and paint on various surfaces. The first was a large piece of fabric that became a collective work by the end of the day, and was later exhibited at a festival celebrating history and archaelogy. The second activity gave participants the opportunity to create their own piece of art that they could take home to remember the day!
What a successful event with over a hundred people taking part!


Workshop: From Pirates to Porcupines

Creating your own children's book character, 2018

A workshop held at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, part of the From Rags to Witches exhibition. The aim was to introduce children to the art of character creation and story-telling through hands-on activities. Experimentation, brainstorming, and narrative!

By the end of the session, each child had designed his or her own story character and developed a small sequence involving it. The result was amazing. We ended up creating many funny and exciting stories!

Wall Visuals

Characters for the National Museum of Justice, 2017-2018

A project for which I was asked to create characters for the National Museum of Justice.
The characters are part of a fictional police investigation, thus a policeman, two witnesses, and three suspects. These are accompanied by statements that lead museum visitors to investigate the crime and find the perpetrator.
What a pleasant surprise to see my drawings on the wall of an old Victorian police station (now part of the museum)!

Photo museum justice.jpg
cover 1.jpg

Children's Book

Darwin's Secret, 2016-2017

A self-directed book project linked to my Masters year at Nottingham Trent University.
This book capitalises on my experience as a teacher as well as my passion for history and archaeology. The idea behind the book is to make history fun and engaging.
It tells the story of Darwin, a tiny worm, who guards objects hidden in the ground. He has been entrusted with a secret treasure that only he knows about. However, it can be difficult to keep treasure hidden from curious intruders…

The book has flaps to encourage interaction between the reader and the story. The aim is to develop children's knowledge about archaeology.

The main character is inspired by research undertaken by Darwin the scientist in the 19th Century, It shows the positive impact of worms on the preservation of archaeological artefacts!

Christmas cards

Thoughtfully Designed, 2016 - Present

Creating greetings cards is both exciting and stressful (finding original ideas is a real challenge in a crowded market). For this particular card, I wanted to focus on nature and animals rather than the traditional symbols of Christmas such as Santa Claus or Christmas trees. The idea was to keep the design simple yet effective. This is the messanger who delivered my 2018 greetings!

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